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I have decided to move this blog over to Wordpress. The address is for anyone who is interested in continuing to follow the lives of my Pleasantview sims :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don Gets His Groove Back

One could say that Don got some sense of revenge when he reacted to seeing the new "elder" Nina naked for the first time :)

Things remained strained between Nina and Don, although it was very obvious to Don that Nina was sorry about all the unkind things she had said to him. Since her transformation, Nina had gone out of her way to be nice to Don.

She had even brought up the possibility of the two of them tying the knot, but Don was surely not ready for that. He never had been good husband material. All one had to do was ask his ex-wife Cassandra.

Even though he didn't want to get married to Nina, Don realized that he really did love this woman. He had been deeply hurt when she had spurned him and ridiculed him as he had aged. Now that Nina was also an elder, she had apologized and had tried to make it up to him. He had decided to forgive her because he loved her so much.

As Don harvested the fruit trees in the back yard, he thought of KayLynn. KayLynn had planted these very trees. Of course, Don then thought of his son Donald. By now everyone in town knew that Darren Dreamer had adopted Donald and raised him as his own. Don wondered what he could do to establish a relationship with his son.

As he placed the fruits into the juicer, Don continued to think of all his children. He had always had a good relationship with both of his daughters. Casey (his daughter with Cassandra) often dropped by to visit. And Donna (his child with Nina) had just left for University. He already missed having her around the house. could Don mend his relationship with his only biological son Donald (his son with KayLynn)?

After Donna's departure for University, the house did seem much quieter and empty...that is...until KayLynn's ghost began to frequently haunt the house. Her appearance became almost a nightly occurance.

And KayLynn seemed to thrive on frightening Nina. After all, after KayLynn's death, it was Nina that had moved into her house and had a baby with the man she loved!

Don often invited both his daughters over to visit and remained close to both of them.

Yes....our Don was back....and he was once again extremely happy with his life. Now if he could only find a way to see his son Donald.

University/Part 3

The following teens are now at University:

Donna Caliente. Don kissed his daughter goodbye as she left for University. (Daughter of Don Lothario and Nina Caliente).
Christopher Broke, YA. (Son of Brandi & Skip Broke).
Alex Goth Pleasant, YA. (son of Alexander Goth and Angela Pleasant).

Zoe Turner, YA. (Created in Bodyshop, townie).

Baby Denise Is Born/Dina & Nina Become Elders

As expected, Dina's pregnancy was not an easy one. She often felt tired ...yet she was constantly hungry. Due to her advanced age, Dina's pregnancy was considered "high risk" and she was closely monitored. Dina went on maternity leave quite early, as she just did not have the energy to continue her practice at the hospital.

Because Dina was tired and didn't feel well so much of the time, both Dustin and Dick tried to pick up the slack and keep things at the house running smoothly.

The result was that, not only was Dina always tired, but Dustin often found himself exhausted by the end of the day. He often even fell asleep while lying on the couch watching television. Even Dick was usually ready for bed earlier these days.
The day finally arrived, and Dina experienced the worst pain she had ever felt in her life!

Dina gave birth to a little girl which they named Denise. She was a beautiful baby and Dustin was ecstatic when Dina placed Denise in his arms for the first time.

Even Dick seemed proud of his little sister and would often help care for her.

Dick was quickly growing up....and was definately interested in girls. He began to bring one particular girl home with him from school named Margaret Turner.

Margaret was in Dick's music class and she wanted to one day be a famous violinist. Dustin liked this girl. She spoke of wanting to go to college and continuing her education...especially in the music field. Yes....Dustin and Dina's little boy was growing up....but he had just started high school so it would still be a while before he would be leaving for University.

Dina and Nina decided to celebrate their birthday together as they transformed into elderhood. This birthday would be the most difficult yet and they thought that by being together they could somehow support the other through this one.

Nina was the first to transform into an elder.

Dina quickly followed her twin sister Nina into the life of an elder.

Sisters Nina and Dina sat for a picture after their transformation.

Don Lothario with Dina and Nina. Suddenly Don was feeling a whole lot better!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dick Broke Caliente Becomes A Teenager

Dina stepped out of the car as she returned home from work....late again! She had been putting in many hours of overtime lately, but all that extra work had finally paid off. She had finally gotten the promotion she'd been waiting General Practitioner. As late as it was, she knew that Dustin had already fixed dinner for himself and Dick and she had grabbed a quick bite between doing rounds at the hospital. Dina sighed....suddenly feeling very tired.

As she entered the house, she was informed by Dustin that Nina and Don were on their way over. They had just called and asked if they could stop by for a quick visit. Even though she was tired, Nina was looking forward to seeing her twin sister again. It had been months since they had visited with one another. "I have time for a quick shower", Nina thought, as she headed for the bathroom.

After a quick shower, Nina went outside to check the mail as Don and Dina drove up. Nina had not seen Don since before his last birthday when he had become an elder...and she was shocked when she saw him! She had always pictured "Don Juan Lothario" as a young, vibrant, and handsome ladies man. But what she saw standing before her was an old man. It wasn't just his looks that had changed. It was the way he carried himself...Nina looked closely and could see nothing of the man see had remembered Don to be. "Oh my goodness!", Nina thought to herself in shock, "Is this really the Don I used to know?" Of course Don noticed her response to his appearance, and seemed to shrink further into the ground right before her eyes.

"Just look at my hands" Nina said to her sister Dina. "They look like the hands of an old woman!" Dina looked closely. Yes, neither Nina or herself would be considered "young women" any longer. Why, look at Brandi...and Cassandra...and Darren....and Don. It wasn't going to be much longer at all because their birthday and transformation into elderhood was less than a year away!

Don sat quietly at the table, listening as Dina and Nina visited. They talked about him as if he wasn't even there....or as if he were too old and senile to understand what they were saying. It was true....something had happened to Don after he had aged. Perhaps he had always relied on his good looks and on the impact they had on women. Once his looks had faded, it appeared as though Don himself had faded along with them.

Oh course, it hadn't helped, the way Nina had initially looked upon him in revulsion on the night of his transformation. That was the start of a change with Don that had continued into a downward spiral....leaving him depressed and with little enthusiasm for life. And it didn't help the way Nina continued to look at though he were something repulsive and who didn't even deserve to exist!

Nina stood looking at Don as they got ready to leave. "Looks like he didn't even bother to shower before coming over" thought Nina, as a shiver ran through her body. Don noticed...yet he had a little smile on his face. He had overheard Nina and Dina as they talked. Don did Nina....that within the year she too would lose her youthful beauty. Don felt a cerain sense of justice in this fact...that fact that very soon Nina would know just what it felt like to be looked down upon for the mere fact of losing ones youth and beauty. He knew that the transformation did not affect everyone in this way....but he also knew that it most certainly would affect his Nina in just the same way it had him....and he was glad.

Before they knew it, Dina and Dustin's son had a birthday. Dick became a teenager, and looked very much a combination of both his mother and his father. It was easy to see that he had Broke blood in him...yet the Caliente looks were very obvious as well.

Since Nina's visit, and now with her son's birthday and transformation into a teenager, Dina had thought of nothing else except the fact that she wasn't getting any younger. Her biological clock was ticking...and was about to run down forever. She hadn't been in any hurry to have another child. Both she and Dustin had concentrated on their careers. They had Dick, who had always been such a good child. But...Nina was suddenly aware of the age difference between herself and Dustin. She had been accused of "robbing the cradle" when she and Dustin had married. And now, if she were going to have another child, it would have to be now or never.

"Why do I let Dina do this to me?" she thought. She had been perfectly happy with her life...up until the night she had seen Don and Nina.

Just a few nights later, Dina and Dustin conceived another child. Could another child somehow help Dina to cling to the fragments of her youth?

From the very beginning of her pregnancy, Dina felt nauseated and sick. This pregnancy definately was not going to be as easy as her last one. After an especially bad bout of morning sickness, Dina sat on the bathroom floor. "What have I gotten myself into?" Dina asked, as she directed some very unkind thoughts towards her sister Nina.

After learning of the new child that was on the way, Dina and Dustin invited Brandi and Beau over for dinner. They also had Darren Dreamer over, as Brandi and Darren had become quite close. It was have Brandi as her mother-in-law because Dina and Brandi had been good friends long before Dina's marriage to Brandi's son Dustin. Dina was so nervous that she somehow burned the hamburgers! "Oh don't worry about it, Dina. You just had the stove turned up too high". Brandi was excited about having yet another grandchild on the way....though she was a little concerned that Dina was having another baby at her age.

After dinner, Nina put the dishes into the dishwasher as the rest of the family sat in the living room and talked. "So, when are you and Casey going to get married and start a family of your own?" Brandi asked Beau.

"Oh mom....I don't know. We're not ready for that yet." Beau seemed embarrassed that his mother would bring up the subject at this time. But Brandi, who is a family sim and couldn't have any more children of her own, wanted a house full of grandchildren before she died!

Dustin was happy with the news that Dina was expecting another child. He loved his son Dick, and they had always had a very close relationship. And he was still in love with Dina....but he often thought of his first love Angela and wondered how she was doing.

Angela had continued to see William....and though she cared deeply for him she often found herself thinking of Dustin Broke.

Hmmm....doesn't look as though Angela is feeling very well these days either....does it???

(Authors Note: I never thought I would say this....but I kind of feel sorry for Don Lothario. The way those Caliente girls treat him is just terrible!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cassandra Becomes An Elder/Part 2

Of all her friends to show up for her birthday, Cassandra was especially glad to see Darren Dreamer. Darren had loved her once...a long time ago. He had always been there for her...the best friend anyone could ever want to have!

As the time came for her transformation, Cassandra walked over to her cake. She was ready.

As her friends and family cheered her on, Cassandra completed her transformation.

Cassandra was now an elder.

As Cassandra celebrated the excitement of her transformation into elderhood, Nina couldn't help causing some excitement of her own. She never had forgiven Darren for the way he had talked to he had upset her...when she was pregnant with Donna. How dare he talk to her that way! And her with child too! It hadn't been her fault Don and Cassandra were having problems. "'re looking old these days, aren't you old man?" Nina said to Darren. Sandy Brudy looked at her friend Nina in silence. Sometimes she just didn't understand how Nina could be so cruel.

Darren had to force himself to just walk away. It wasn't worth it. This was Cassandra's party, and he wasn't going to let Nina ruin it for her...or for him.

Darren brought his adopted son (Donald) over with him for the party. Donald's biological dad was none other than Don Lothario. Don had had an affair with Kaylynn Langerak while still married to Cassandra. Donald was born as a result of that affair, and was the only son that Don had. When Kaylynn died, Darren had adopted Donald and raised him as his very own son. Cassandra now knew the entire, sordid probably everyone in Pleasantview did by now!
Donald had overheard Nina's uncalled-for remark. He was heading towards her when Darren said, "No Donald. It's a long story. It's not worth it. Let it go." Donald decided to respect his father's least for now.

Angela was glad she had come. She felt as though she were still part of the family. Really, besides Lileth and her family, this was the only family she had now! She wanted Alex to be proud of the fact that he was a part of the Goth family.

There was no question that Alexander Goth was Alex's father. Alex had grown up to look very much as his father had looked. But...if the truth be known...unfortunately Alex had not necessarily inherited the best genes from each of his parents. True...he had inherited his father's dark, thick hair. But he had also inherited his poor eyesight...and worst of all...Alex had inherited the Pleasant nose from his mother. Not very pleasant! least as a Goth he will have plenty of money for all that plastic surgery he is going to need.

Was that mean of me to say???

Cassandra Becomes An Elder/Part 1

(Authors Note: It's been a while since I've made an entry on this blog. Thanks to ACR there was alot of excitement going on!)

"It's going to be a beautiful day" thought Cassandra as she finished cooking breakfast for her family. "Too bad I have to work" she sighed. "At least I asked for the afternoon off"! Yes, today Cassandra would become an elder. She didn't really mind though. George had already gone through the transformation and she hadn't noticed any changes in him...except the obvious. She still found him to be a very handsome man.

After Cassandra left for work George, Casey, and Georgette talked about the surprise birthday party they had planned for that evening. "I invited Angela and Alex. Angela is bringing her new boyfriend for us to meet. His name is William VonBuren" said George. "Oh yeah" said Casey. "She told me about him. I've been dying to meet him!" Casey really did hope her Aunt could find someone else to fill the void that had been left when Alexander died in that awful fire.

Casey dialed the number to the Broke home. "Hello Mrs. Broke. Is Beau home?" Casey waited as Brandi called her middle son to the phone. Casey had the entire house to herself for a few hours. She and Beau hadn't been able to see each other for a couple of days. Why not take this opportunity to spend some time together? Casey invited Beau over and he quickly accepted. "I'll be right over!" Beau told her.

Casey quickly hung up the phone. Beau was coming over...and there would just be the two of them...together! "What am I thinking?" Casey asked out loud, feeling her skin grow hot and her skin blush a pretty shade of red.

When Beau arrived, Casey ran outside and threw her arms around him giving him a big kiss. It had been way too long since she had been able to do that!

Knowing there wasn't much time, Casey and Beau went straight upstairs. Though they hadn't planned for things to go as far as they did, neither Casey nor Beau regretted what happened between them. Beau was the only boy Casey had ever loved, and Beau considered Casey to be his first love.

The time went by too quickly for the two of them. Casey invited Beau to come back for the birthday party they were giving for Cassandra. Kissing Casey goodbye, Beau promised that he would try to return.

Shortly after Beau left, Cassandra returned home from did George. Casey hadn't known they were working only part of the day.

"That was close!" said Casey. She wasn't sure how thrilled her mom and George would be about her having her boyfriend over while they were gone. Not to mention.... Casey blushed again as she began to make preparations for the evening.

Apparantly Casey and Beau weren't the only ones to take advantage of their unexpected time together. Casey accidently walked into her mother and George's bedroom to put away some linens, unaware that they were inside. Casey quickly closed the door in shock. She hoped they hadn't noticed her quick intrusion.

Poor George and Cassandra. Their attempts of having a little time together that afternoon was not meant to be. Shortly after Casey's abrupt exit (which was the way!) Georgette burst into the room, holding her report card above her head. "I got all A's! Look! All A's!" Georgette was so excited about her grades. She couldn't wait another minute to show them to her mom and dad.

"That's wonderful!" said Cassandra. "Honey. Give us a minute. We'll be right out, okay?" George slowly sat up, not at all happy with the way things were going. Cassandra saw how disappointed George was. Giving him one last, long kiss she said, "You just wait until tonight. Believe me, it'll be worth the wait!" With that said, Cassandra got dressed and went to help Casey get things ready for her "surprise" birthday party.

A couple of hours later the guests began to arrive. Looking out the window, Casey saw Angela and her new boyfriend William at the door. Seeing William standing on the porch, Casey took a double-take...he really did look a lot like Alexander had looked!

(Authors Note again: I seriously had nothing to do with either Casey and Beau or with Cassandra and George deciding to do the woo-hoo thing. They did it all on their own!)